The Buzz is in the Air

The Peace Starts With Me: Healing America event on November 12 at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum is selling seats live September 20 on

Visit to save your seat. Gauging by the buzz that is already going around, they will sell out quickly.

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Emmy Award winning producer A. Curtis Farrow, is making history again as the musical director for what is going to be a 5000 voice choir musical performance featuring Grammy-winning gospel singer Yolanda Adams and Bishop Hezekiah Walker. Emmy Award winning producer A. Curtis Farrow has been on the phone night and day with performers interested in being part of this program. In a message to Rev. Demian Dunkley, Northeast Subregional Director of Family Federation for a Heavenly USA, he said, “Everybody wants to be a part of The Peace Starts With Me: Healing America program. I’ve been getting calls from Brazil, South Africa, Germany, from all over the world, [people] wanting to know, can they be part of the program? Can they be on the program? You know we can’t put everyone on the program. The excitement and the buzz is going. I hope you’re excited! I’m excited!”

Make sure you book your tickets today! If each person in the 5000 voice choir brings just one person to watch them perform, that’s half of the seats already booked. Imagine what will happen if they bring their whole family.