How to Find Hope

Some of us may grow numb to the seemingly endless supply of discouraging news. It’s important, therefore, that we don’t let this numbness dampen our vision of a peaceful world.

What hope do we have for a better world in this increasing chaos?

It takes practice

This is not an attempt to make light of what is happening. But, quite frankly, we learn from our mistakes, and we study history to prevent making the mistakes of our ancestors. While there is pain and suffering in war and destruction, humanity is learning how to negotiate better, how to fly our planes safer, and how to use technology to help each other faster. We may not see it now, but on a global scale such as these events, the learning curve is greater. Be patient and have hope that these events are teaching us to how to be a more cohesive humanity. That’s why we’re here; it takes time, and it takes practice.

We are learning how to love

Terror divides, but it also unites. Survivors of disasters find solace in one another, having gone through such struggles and emerged together. We all want to be good people. But when bad things happen, either to us directly or indirectly, it can be a natural instinct to close down to others or try to become immune to those feelings. But is that where we want to be? We should remind ourselves that these types of challenges are inevitable on our journey of learning how to love.

Most importantly, you can make a difference

We may often wonder why there is so much bad in the world, even when we’re doing so much good. Maybe you already offer your time at soup kitchens, donate to the Red Cross, and participate in the Midnight Run. How discouraging it must be to look at recent events and feel like nothing has changed.

Do not get discouraged.

We are getting better, and every little bit counts. What you’ve been able to do for your family or the kind words you’ve given to a coworker this week – remember how important they are, for those little acts of kindness go a long way. Maybe we can’t save the world today in some epic way. But we can recognize what we’ve already done so far and build off of that, and think of what else we can do right now.

So tell us readers, where do you find hope? Let us know on here or on Facebook what you can to do make the world a better place. Even better, help someone who needs hope, find it.