Queens Youth Put Peace in Action

Queens Youth Put Peace in Action

Youth from the Queens Family Church were active once again this past weekend in their efforts to spread the word about Peace Starts With Me. After Rev. John Kung, the pastor of the Queens Family Church, called for the youth to plan an event and take ownership of their desire to bring as many people as possible to the July 15 event, the young adults decided to put the theme “Peace Starts With Me” into action on both July 8 and July 9.

On Saturday, July 8, implementing Carie Arline’s idea for a service project, the group went around Maple Park and a local school to pick up garbage and create a healthier environment for families. These two areas are places where many parents come with their children. “Although these places are always lively with lots of smiling faces, the families were playing in such a dirty environment and I wasn’t doing anything about it,” Carie said. “Originally, I was planning to set aside time and individually clean it. Since Rev. Kung wanted the youth to step up, I gave others the opportunity to start peace together.”

While the Queens Family Church youth cleaned the park, Rev. Kung and his daughter sang and played guitar in front of a pop-up banner advertising the event to create a joyful spirit. Proudly wearing Peace Starts With Me t-shirts as they cleaned the area, the youth promoted the event through their actions and with flyers.

Similarly, on Sunday, the group went to Kissena Park and promoted the event as they gave out free hot dogs to those in need. As passersby asked what the purpose of their act of kindness was, they explained that it was to start peace, as they handed out a flyer for the event.

“The experience of gathering together to do something for the community made me feel that the church and God really were alive,” Carie said.