Final American Clergy Breakfast Before Long Island Rally

Final American Clergy Breakfast Before Long Island Rally

11-9-18 ACLC Prayer Breakfast from Family Fed USA on Vimeo.


The American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) held their final Prayer Breakfast before the Peace Starts With Me rally at Nassau Coliseum. On November 9, pastors, ministers and members from Christian churches all over New York were in attendance at the New Yorker Hotel, as well as a special guest from South Carolina, Dr. Luonne Rouse.

Regional Chairman of Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) North America summoned the Holy Spirit with his words. He opened his message with, “Everyone here has met the Holy Spirit. That is the reason why we are all gathered here together. We are working together base on our relationship with the Holy Spirit.” Dr. Kim then said, “At Nassau Coliseum, we will all be one in body and one in spirit. Let’s make November 12 the day of the Holy Spirit.”

Following Dr. Kim’s message, the Japanese missionaries surprised the crowd with a sneak peek dance performance of “Every Praise” and “Mujogeon,” which will be performed by hundreds at the Peace Starts With Me rally.

Dr. Rouse of Luonne Rouse Ministries was the keynote speaker and focused his address on God’s Divine Providence. He said, “We are to be where we are, and do what God wants us to do. God has chosen us to be an instrument of peace.” Referring to the outreach efforts for the upcoming rally, Dr. Rouse asked everyone to do right in the world. He continued, “In order to do right in the world, we must kiss it with peace.”